LRC 58 by Dennis Harjama: a fuel efficient boat

LCR58 hull number 3 being launched in Holland - July 2017

LRC58 #3 Launch.mp4

The site is live! Introducing European representation for LRC58

The first European hull will be launched soon, built by Aluboot in Holland

Broadsword has made landfall in Panama after a long passage from the Marquesas!

Average consumption:

0.8 litres per nautica mile

Speeds between 7-8 knots

1 000 litres left in reserve

Broadsword passage to Fiji

Today, Fernie came for a visit at Islington Bay. Looking good!

Broadsword and Koti spent last summer cruising around the Bay of Islands.

They broke the trip into short day hops and visited many nice anchorages.

Here are Broadsword and Koti anchored at Motuihe

LRC58 hull two at Auckland On The Water Boatshow.

The flash sportfisher to starboard is another design of mine,

Dickey Boats Semifly 32. Read more (PDF 2.7 Mb)

Long Range Cruiser 58 launched!

A metre and a half of swell and speed record catching waves at 14 knots.