Fernie 21: a very fine entry bow

The Fernie 21 has been designed to reignite the DIY dad’s backyard boatshed, 

and is made from CNC-cut flat panels, eliminating the need for compound curvature.

Loa: 6.3m

Beam: 2.15m

Dry weight with engine: 400kg

Engine: 60hp outboard

Fuel: 40 litres

A very fine entry bow and relatively long waterline length are aimed at making her efficient, 

while a planing pad on the bottom of the hull creates lift and means initial planing speed is low.

I designed this little boat for very experienced sailor who has spent years working on superyachts as engineer.


He wanted a light weight planing hull that would be efficient with a relatively small engine, just powerfull enough to tow a wakeboard and roomy enough to do a spot of fishing and diving. He also wanted a bunk for staying out overnight on the odd occasion.


At the top of his requirements was the ability to tow the boat behind a regular family car without an expensive braked trailer.

The hull has a 150 litre ballast tank to keep the chines in the water. Being so light she would otherwise float high in the water, be noisy and feel tippy at rest.

To top things off she had to look striking. No doubt she will stand out at any boat ramp.

The prototype was built as a student project at UNITEC in Auckland with the finishing touches by the owner. It was built with a plywood bottom, foam cored topsides and deck.


The prototype has been launched.